Contact Angie to learn more about rates for music composition and post production services.  In general, the cost for music is calculated by the song length (e.g., for a 3 minute orchestral piece to be used as underscore the cost might be $100/ minute or $300), how the song will be used (underscore, music in scene, source music, feature, etc.,), and the complexity of the project.  Songs (music with lyrics) usually cost more than instrumental pieces. Live instruments usually cost more than sampled instruments, etc.   Post production services are also based upon level of editing detail and length of the project.  Seeing the project and hearing the audio (without sound effects) will be necessary prior to giving an estimate.

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“Angie creates vivid imagery by combining traditional and modern idiom.”


- Chris Brown, Guitar Professional


Door No. 3 Music

Angie Thompson

Composer/Producer/Post Production


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